Thursday, April 29, 2010

Get excited!

Big things are happening at S4S and we want to fill you in about it.

First off, on Friday we submitted all the paperwork needed to become an official non-profit organization. Now, it's just a waiting game with the SC Secretary of State. Keep your fingers crossed!

Second and more importantly, we are hoping to get a shipment to Samantha by the end of May. A Peace Corps employee is traveling to Lesotho on May 21 and has graciously agreed to take an extra bag full of shoes for us! This is great because it means we only have to pay to get the shoes to him here in the US and for an extra baggage fee. Layman's terms: NO TARIFFS!

Again, thanks for all your help, support, and contributions. Oh, and keep sending us shoes!!


  1. WOW! Rach, that's aweseom for the PC volunteer to do that! S4S can actually afford that mode. How many shoes do you think you oculd get in that extra suitcase? I have maybe 75 sitting in my car right now (as much as I hate spring pollen, I'm glad I can't smell my car right now). And an estimated 50 or so in route to me soon.

    BTW I was thinking of using something like duct tape (or a less sticky substance) to compact the shoes to be able to put more in a box...or in your case a suitcase

  2. Hmmm... not sure about the amount we can squeeze in but I like your duct tape idea. Steph's going to pick up a cheap duffle bag this weekend so I'll get back to you then. Any luck on learning things about customs for future shipments because I've had ZERO!

  3. So nice to see things moving along. You must be amazed at how the seed of an idea on how to help your friend has taken root ... Be proud ladies! Thanks for keeping us posted ... and Rachel, thank you for your wonderful note. It isn't often I see a handwritten note anymore. A further testament to your character. XX Lyn